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Booking Service 24 Hours - 7 Days
Call or Text 027 4497 994
Or call 03 2144014
Preferably book by 4:00 p.m. the day prior to travel

Please be ready 30 minutes before stated times as these are approximate.
Run 4 returning from Queenstown to Invercargill Friday night,
may start as early as 8:30 p.m. but may start later than time listed.
Contact number essential
Have luggage by the door, but you don't need to wait outside, just keep an eye out.
Pickups within 2km of State Highway 1 Or on State Highway 93 Old Coach Road
or On State Highways 6 and 94

    Dunedin times:

    Bluff times:

    Queenstown times
    Please note that these times are for going through Winton
    but some of our later runs* can go through Gore
    and the arrival time may change accordingly:

    Invercargill to Queenstown via Gore is available on some of our later runs
    Please note that if we have bookings for Winton etc.
    we do not go through Gore and vice versa:

    All runs can include Bluff but there is a break and change of vehicle on Run 7 if you are going to Queenstown from Bluff.
    All other runs do not usually involve a change of vehicle.

    To view Cancellation and Alteration policies click here:
  1. Cancellations

*Bluff pickups and drop off's are only on request - if there are no bookings, we do not go to Bluff
This also applies to Wyndham and other places off State Highways 1 & 6

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